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       SeX TiPs, PoSiTiOnS, TeChNiQuEs AnD TuRnOnS 
GiRLz/GuYz TiPs FoR ThE BeD (or shower/counter/or anywhere)
 GiRls LiStEn Up:
1.) Brush your breasts against his back while you give him     a massage. As your nipples get hard, so will he.
2.) Leave your heals on.
3.) Change leg positions durin missionary (eg.  wrap your feet round the back of his knees, then bend your knees with your feet on the mattress and tilit that pelvis towards the ceiling).
4.) Treat his nipples like ice cream cones, take really light licks, and a few gentle bites won't hurt either.
5.) Turn on every light in the house.
6.) Slide your panties off and hop ontop with the skirt still on.
7.) Greet him at the door by saying "How was your day?...get your pants off!".
8.) Let your hands wander under the table- no matter where you are.
9.) Scratch the back of his head while receiving oral sex.
10.) Surprise him from behind with a blindfold, a throw to the bed, and gettin pinned down action (it has great shock value).
11.) An hand-job without lube is like fries without ketchup. Grease up.
12.) while having sex from behind, lie on your stomach, tilit your hips up slightly and move in circles so your synchronized.
13.) When you sence hes about to orgasim, order him to cum!
14.) Good words to say include mmm and any verb preceding him.
15.) Make him pull out b4 he completely penetrates, and tease him like this 3 or 4 times...once the sex is underway, he's sure to have one of the biggest orgasims he's ever had.
16.) Push him down and start goin at him like its an all-you-can-eat-buffet.
17.) It's one thing to rip off his clothes, try rippin off yours, its like you can't wait to get naked with him.
18.) Walk around the house in boyshorts and let your cheeks hang out.
19.) Tell him how great he was in bed..a few days public.
20.) USe a firm grip on handjobs, like you were givin a hand shake to the president.
21.) Squirt lotion on your breasts and pull his cock between them.
22.) Lick his fingers and lead them down to your panties.
23.) Lotion up his back then get ontop and slip and slide all over.
24.) When he's touchin you, take his hand like a computer mouse and sroll where you want him to click.
25.) Put an icecube in your mouth and move it around while giving oral sex, the mix between warm and cold is hot.
26.) Massage both of his inner thighs at the same time. Get as close as you can get to my hot spot without actually touchin it. The longer you rub, the more i want you to move in for the kill.
27.) Wear low riders.
28.) Slide his legs off the end of the bed with his feet dangling, so he loses wat little thurusting ability he has with you ontop..when you have all the control, it's a major turn-on for him.
29.) Pleasure yourself with his penis.
30.) Whispery deep breaths are jus as good as loud moans.
31.) Prop his head up wit a few he can see everythin while goin down on him.
That's it for the girls..theres way too many...guys dont deserve all the pleasure!!
1.) Guys you seem to neglect the nipples...enough said.
2.) Alternate between sucking and giving quick flicks with your tongue.
3.) While goin down below the mulititasked and play with other things.
4.) Lick slowly durin oral sex then fast...changin speed and rotation is HOT!!
5.) Start kissin from the mouth and slowly move down to the pussy, kissin and lickin everythin on the way down.
6.) Kiss the neck and blow in her ears softly.
7.) It's good to be ruff and go fast but be careful of jabbing the clit...sometimes it hurts and turns us off!
8.) We like to be tied up and tortured once in a while.
9.) It's ok to tease a little but after, you have to make up for it and give it to us the way we want it.
10.) Girlz like a good kisser so practice hard...dont slobber or shove that tongue down too far our throats.
11.) Let us be in control sometimes.
12.) Foreplay!
13.) Get to kno the sensative spots on her body and learn how to work with them.
14.) Use things like whips and handcuffs to be firm and ruff and tell us wat to do sometimes.
15.) Turn the heat up and do it till we're both sweating.
16.) Use things like whipped cream, chocolate syrup and fruit and lick it off me.
17.) Mix it up a little..have a 3some of somethin.
18.) Rub across the lower stomach gently.
That's all for now...but girlz if he can't please you..try some of these for yourself:
1.) Theres always the good old vibrators!
2.) Full length mirrors- watch yourself!
3.) Silver Bullet- egg shaped vibrators that you put against your clit and enjoy the ride!
PoSiTiOnS ;-)
iconsex-69.gificonsex-rideit.gificonsex-asstoass.gificonsex-poundit.gificonsex-makeout.gif  iconsex-smurfing.gif  iconsex-tittyfuck.gif   iconsex-cunnilingus.gificonsex-dirtysanchez.gificonsex-fakepussy.gificonsex-fellate.gificonsex-doubledildo.gificonsex-churnit.gificonsex-goldenshowers.gificonsex-teabag.gifsex_klasyk.gif   sex_sodomit.gif

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